Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Hollywood Week" on NH Chronicle

["Hollywood Week" on NH Chronicle (WMUR TV-9) begins on Monday, May 21 and runs through Thursday, May 24. The program airs at 7:30 p.m. Below is a rundown of their program schedule.]

Monday, May 21: Hanging Out with Tom Bergeron
He got his start here in NH and after years of hard work and determination made it to the big time! Tonight Tiffany Eddy kicks off "Hollywood Week" on NH Chronicle, by sitting down and walking around with your favorite TV host and ours, Tom Bergeron. Plus, Local boy does good! Hear the story of NH's Mike O'Malley, star of the CBS sitcom "Yes, Dear", as he returns to NH to give a very important speech! And on Fritz Wetherbee's Hollywood NH: There was a time when Hollywood was located in Georges Mills, NH.

Tuesday, May 22: The Silverman Sisters & Behind the Scenes at "Dancing with the Stars"
You may have seen her on Comedy Central or in a string of Hollywood movies. Sarah Silverman got her start in Bedford, NH where she grew up and now her and her sister are headed for the big time! Plus, we go behind the scenes at Dancing with the Stars. Tiffany sees what really goes on backstage at this wildly popular show! And on Fritz Wetherbee's Hollywood NH: One of the greatest filmmakers of all time comes to the Connecticut river.

Wednesday, May 23: An interview with a HUGE star!
He grew up in Manchester and has found fame and fortune in Hollywood. As a matter of fact he is so big, we aren't even allowed to say his name! But you won't want to miss Tiffany's one-on-one interview with this "Big Daddy" of a movie star. Plus, It was filmed right here in NH's lakes region and now "On Golden Pond" is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Tonight we sit down with the man who wrote the screenplay and won an Oscar for it! And on Fritz Wetherbee's Hollywood NH: You just might be ‘Shocked, shocked!’ to find out that Claude Rains is still in NH.

Thursday, May 24: Tiffany Eddy visits General Hospital
It's been on TV for decades and tonight, Tiffany gets to visit the set of the ABC Soap Opera, General Hospital. Tune in and see what goes on behind the scenes and find out how Tiffany was included in an upcoming episode! While on the set of GH, Tiffany visits with a NH man who is carving himself a path Hollywood with his role on the soap. And on Fritz Wetherbee's Hollywood NH: Just how many Hollywood films concern NH?