Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"The Jesus Guy" to premiere in Birmingham, AL

No money. No home. No name. What kind of person gives up everything to spread the Word of God? To some, he’s an inspiration. To others, a threat. So, what in God’s name is he doing, traveling across country and through a dozen countries? Director Sean Tracey traces the enigmatic odyssey of the anonymous, barefoot preacher known as “The Jesus Guy.” With the intimacy of single-camera filmmaking, we walk in his steps as he encounters both skeptics and believers, changing them…for better, for worse, forever.

New Hampshire filmmaker Sean Tracey has completed his new documentary, "The Jesus Guy", and the film has been selected to screen (and have its world premiere) at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in Birmingham, Alabama. The festival runs September 28-30. Sean Tracey has been directing TV commercials for over 15 years and this is his first documentary film.

For more information on the film, including information on Sean and his relationship with friend and mentor Albert Maysles, visit www.thejesusguy.com.