Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monthly Learning Forums at Great Northern Video

[From our friends at Great Northern Video in Pembroke, NH.]

Every second Wednesday of the month, Great Northern Video will hold a learning forum from 10 am to noon. These forums will be on such topics as: Non-linear Editing trends, workflows, technology, Playback Systems and Audio for Video.

What is a "learning forum"? Is it like a seminar? Yes…and no. A seminar usually has a set curriculum and structured order. Our learning forums are tailored to you, the attendees. Whether you're a beginner, a veteran or anything in between, there will be something for everyone. These are not classes or training, but rather a question and answer period discussing what is current and where the technology is going as well as trends in the marketplace.

Oh, no need to make an appointment. Just come on down (or up)! Our presenter of the day will work your skill level into the discussion. We're located at 702 Riverwood Drive (Route 106) in Pembroke.

Upcoming Forums:

Oct 10, 2007 :: Non Linear Trends with Michael Sutton

Nov 14, 2007 :: Camera Movement with Peter Shanelaris

Dec 12, 2007 :: Audio for Video with Lenny Mordarski

Remember to check the Great Northern Video web site at for additional upcoming forums.