Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NH Produced Web-only TV Series Looks to "Interact"

[This press release came to us from the folks at "Gravityland".]

Press Contact: John Herman, Show Creator, http://www.gravityland.com (603) 380-6721 or john.c.herman@gmail.com

NH Produced Web-only TV Series Looks to "Interact"
What do a purse thief, a pop star, and a door-to-door salesman have in common? They are all characters in Gravityland, a web-only TV series debuting with two new episodes March 3rd at www.Gravityland.com. The weekly series of five-minute episodes weaves an interactive tale shot entirely in New Hampshire with a cast of local talent. According to show creator John Herman, there is great potential in a web-only TV series. "The Internet provides local actors and writers the opportunity to attract and interact with a global audience."

As the series progresses, Gravityland will explore interactivity through live web video events, cast and crew meet-ups, user-generated media challenges, and an episode written entirely by viewers. When the first season concludes, the audience will even decide which characters continue into the second season.

"Gravityland is viewable on demand. Viewers can interact with the cast and crew. They can even influence the story with their own creativity," says Herman. He hopes the show will be an exciting alternative to traditional TV viewing. "While there is the option to experience the show passively, I hope more people are inspired to interact. Gravityland may be a look at the future of entertainment."