Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On sending notices to the Film Office

The New Hampshire Film and Television Office regularly receives press releases and notices from members of the state's industry which we disseminate to our network of media, government and industry contacts both in and out-of-state. There are times, however, when a notice, for whatever reason, does not make it to our email inbox. Our spam filter can be finicky and can sometimes mistakenly quarantine legitimate messages. We suggest that if you are sending a notice to us, please address it to us as a direct recipient at film@nh.gov, as our filter has been known to occasionally pull aside messages sent to bulk recipients. We also encourage you to follow-up with us to confirm that we have received it or to alert us that a notice is forthcoming.

Your news is important to us, and we hope these tips will help ensure that your continued updates are received and distributed to our network promptly.