Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Hampshire Film in the Hippo

There are two nice stories in this week’s Hippo (their Summer Movie Issue) about film projects shooting in New Hampshire in the coming weeks.

First, the members of New York-based troupe Derrick Comedy are filming their feature-length independent film, The Mystery Gang in and around Manchester this month. Meggie McFadden, one of the film’s producers, is quoted in the piece saying that the New Hampshire Film and Television Office has been "extremely helpful." Very nice.

Turn the page and you'll find a story about the upcoming shoot for the film Just Say Love, which is written by David Mauriello and directed by Bill Humphreys, both from New Hampshire’s seacoast region. The production gets under way in another week and will utilize the Granite Media Center in Tilton as its sound stage. Here’s a nice clipping from the piece:

“Humphreys said initially he wanted to film in New Hampshire because this is his home. Mauriello also lives in the region. But also, it’s a lot more ‘cost-effective’ to shoot in New Hampshire than in California, or even Boston. Even though Massachusetts offers a tax credit to shoot within the state, sound stage rates can be about four times higher. And New Hampshire has no sales tax. In addition, the Lakes Region is a ‘very conducive place to do creative work.’”

Always nice to hear what filmmakers have to say about shooting in New Hampshire. Both stories were written by Heidi Masek and can currently be found online at: