Thursday, May 29, 2008

News from "Hollywood New England"

[Received this update from Joe Cummings at "Hollywood New England".]

In the fall of 2007, Joe Cummings and Mike Abbene, who have a combined 40+ years in the film and television industry, developed the idea of an entertainment talk show that would highlight regional talent from across the six New England states. Their brainstorming was the birth of the show, “Hollywood New England”.

Mike Abbene and Joe Cummings are the creators and executive producers of “Hollywood New England”. The show is also produced by Elena Abbene and Ken Lawrence. Joe Cummings’ resume includes work on television shows such as “Cheers”, “St. Elsewhere”, 40 Episodes of “Spenser for Hire” and features such as “The Verdict” with Academy Award winner Paul Newman and the Oscar-winning film, “On Golden Pond”. Mike Abbene and his wife Elena Abbene are producers and co-owners of Miken Entertainment Inc. with Ken Lawrence. They have several projects in development especially, “Cocoanut Grove”, the historic Boston fire of 1942, “Up Your Alley”, a celebrity game/reality show, “Maginary Way”, a television project for young children and several documentaries.

Mike and Joe felt that “Hollywood New England” should showcase talented artists in the film, music, arts and entertainment industry. They saw it as an opportunity for these artists to network with each other and to bring their undiscovered talent to the New England and Hollywood communities. The ultimate goal of this show is to recognize New England as a hotbed of talented artists both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. They also are working with local high school and college students, such as Keene State College, allowing them to utilize their talent and knowledge in exchange for college credits and internships. This will also give them the opportunity to be a part of an exciting new and local television production.

“Hollywood New England” has been fortunate to secure the talents of co-hosts John Campanello of Between-Gigs Casting and Gail Scott-Key from local radio and national television. Fifteen episodes have been produced to date. They have profiled such guests as Matthew Newton of the New Hampshire Film Office, Musical Composer Charles Carpenter, Rachel Barker, Miss NH 2007 and Morgan and Lori Murphy of Whitebridgefarm Productions as well as the Heavyweights a music producing team who have produced the award winning song Do You for Ne-Yo. They have also produced other projects for Rhiana and Janet Jackson. “Hollywood New England” has also taped five episodes at the Granite Media Center in Tilton where Joe Cummings’ office is located.

The show has begun broadcasting in several local cable access channels throughout the Granite State and soon to be seen in the other five New England states. “Hollywood New England” is also looking for experienced professionals to assist with various aspects of the show including editors who are experienced in Final Cut Pro.

If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on “Hollywood New England” or part of the production team, please contact Mike Abbene at or Joe Cummings at