Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back Lot Films announces re-issue of "Old Man Dogs"

[Received this press release from our friends at Back Lot Films.]

Critically-acclaimed 1997 film, shot in New Hampshire, to be re-issued this fall on DVD as well as have limited theatrical run.

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Back Lot Films, a New Hampshire-based film & video production company, has announced that its first feature-length film, Old Man Dogs, will be re-issued this fall, both on DVD as well as in a limited theatrical run in local theaters. “For this re-issue we are using a digital transfer direct from the original 16mm film negative,” explains Bill Millios, President of Back Lot Films, Inc. “We’re also re-mixing the sound straight from the original magstock reels - there’s still a great deal of work to do but so far it’s been very gratifying to see the film look as it good as it does.”

An atmospheric tale about the spirits of the dead trapped by the feelings of the living, Old Man Dogs starred Bill McNally, Julia Radochia and Don LaBranche and was written and directed by Bill Millios. The film debuted on May 6, 1997 before a sold-out crowd at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA and followed with screenings at numerous film festivals (including the Independent Feature Film Market in New York City) as well as four night runs in Concord, Keene and Durham, NH. Critical praise came in all directions. Variety, the national film weekly, wrote "Old Man Dogs is a heartfelt showcase of raw talent with something to say - makes masterful use of the New Hampshire outdoor locations. Director Bill Millios deftly handles emotional scenes. As a calling card for the New Hampshire film community, Old Man Dogs does the job." The Boston Globe said that "Old Man Dogs is full of moody subtleties which may make the big-budget commercial-film connoisseur uneasy. Audiences will walk away saying that they never have seen anything like this produced on Granite State soil." And America Online followed with "Old Man Dogs is a treat it is to stumble upon - something completely different - the plot is used as a base for the film to ruminate on life, love, fate, and the need to mourn. Not an easy sell when it comes to independent filmmaking."

Features on the re-issued DVD will include the following:
  • Old Man Dogs (1997, 88 min., featuring a new transfer direct from 16mm negative & re-mixed audio)
  • Audio Commentary Track
  • Looking Back at Old Man Dogs Documentary
  • Restoring Old Man Dogs Documentary
  • Original Trailer
  • Bottled Words (16mm short film by Bill Millios, 1995, 15 minutes)
Back Lot Films, Inc. has produced and distributed a wide range of corporate and narrative productions since 1993, including the feature-length films Dangerous Crosswinds (2005), St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral 1905-2005 (2005) and the upcoming Death & Glory (2009). Corporate clients have included Pike Industries, the New Hampshire Department of Education, the New Hampshire Veterans Home, Southern New Hampshire University and others. Back Lot is also a co-founder of the Digital Filmmaking Workshops. For more information please visit the Back Lot Films website at