Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival final call for entries

[From our friends at the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth.]

A lot of people are talking about The New Hampshire Film Festival. Last year’s event drew entrants from across the U.S. and 21 countries with a staggering and record-setting 500 independent film submissions and 75 screenplay submissions. New Hampshire Film Festival sold over 6,000 tickets last year and showed films previously screened at Sundance, Tribeca, Nantucket, IFP, Berlin, Cannes and South by Southwest during.

This year’s 8th annual event is slated to break even more records as the word has traveled across the country and around the world about the quality of the festival. Organizers report they’ve already received as many screenplays as last year and are fast approaching the number of film submissions as well — all this before the final deadline on August 15, 2008.

Submitting your film or screenplay to the New Hampshire Film Festival is easy. In their commitment to go green, the Festival has once again partnered with the online submission management service This service provides cost-saving, online entry to major film festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe with a single master entry form. All entries must be received by August 15, 2008 to be considered for this year’s competition.

“Each year just keeps getting better,” said festival director, Nicole Gregg. “We are so excited about what we have in store this year. As always, we will open the Festival with New Hampshire Night at The Music Hall on October 16th this year – which allows us to showcase much of the rising talent right here at home. But what really elevates the quality of the experience is that we are attracting major talent from the industry and that helps us bring top notch experts in the business to speak and educate our participants while they’re here in Portsmouth during October.”

Chris Proulx, Program Director for the Festival adds, “We now offer categories for all members of the filmmaking community, from shorts to features, student films and documentaries, to animation and screenplays. Every year the quality of submissions we receive just gets better and we don’t expect this year to be any different.”


Since it debuted in 2001 as the NH Film Expo, The New Hampshire Film Festival has grown into an internationally recognized event. The mission is to celebrate the art of filmmaking by uniting talented students, professional filmmakers and screenwriters with industry experts, avid movie-goers and film connoisseurs. This year’s films will screen from October 16th — 19th at a variety of venues throughout picturesque Portsmouth, NH. More information is available at