Thursday, October 23, 2008

Casting Notice for NH independent film, The Kingsmen's Redeemer

[Received this notice from NH-based Purple Crayon Productions.]

Purple Crayon Productions, LLC is proud to announce auditions for the epic new film, "The Kingsmen's Redeemer" Co-Directed by Petros Tsanlaredes & Scott R. Caseley. This psychological/supernatural thriller will be shot in January with the RED one digital cinema camera ( and a highly skilled professional crew at some grand locations all over New Hampshire and rehearsals will be in December. 40+ ROLES ARE OPEN TO NON-UNION ACTORS/ACTRESSES.

Auditions will be held at the Granite Media Center in Tilton, New Hampshire on Saturday, November 8, 2008 and Sunday, November 9, 2008 from 10am-7pm. For sides, please visit and directions to the Granite Media Center only please visit For more info on the production or to sign up for auditions please contact Co-Director Scott R. Caseley at


BILL: a mess of a man at 25, carries a large amount of guilt on his shoulders BISHOP BURNES: 70’s, had warm blue eyes at one time that have faded grey with feeble looking hands
DAVID: 5’10 slim but compact, can hold his own in a fight, hidden vulnerability DR. HARRY TAED, 50’s, charismatic with dark almost black eyes
RAVEN: Ambitious, driven and beautiful TV reporter, petite and dark-haired
SAM: Five years old, hidden toughness under exterior of vulnerability
SATAN AS A WOMAN: Blonde, appears topless for her scenes, very evil and seductive at the same time


BULL: Head prison guard, very tough exterior, but very loyal and fair
CHAPLAIN: performs his duties in a prison
CLERK: dutiful and prepared to do the job for the law
CORONER: There to just do his job
DR. MILBOURNE: prison doctor
DRIVER, personal limo driver to key character, drives his limo and takes care of his boss GOVERNOR – big hulking presence “old boys’ club” look
GUARDIAN- 30’s woman, mean, all business, no nonsense type
GUS- Raven’s devoted cameraman
JUDGE- 40’s, authoritative
MATILDA: 60, caring Foster mother of Sam NURSE, NURSE 1, and NURSE 2: Capable of assisting in major surgeries, chosen more out of looking experienced in this life rather than physical appearance PRETTY NURSE: This nurse is all about physical appearance as name suggests
PRIEST: Very official and regal presence
RACHEL: Beautiful, sad, ethereal,
SLEDGE: 6’3, 225 solid muscle, very intimidating presence

Other characters available:

FRANK/LEWIS: (non-speaking characters), friends of Sledge, equally as menacing but a little smaller, with shaved heads and eyebrows