Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Northern Video now renting equipment

[Received this notice from Great Northern Video in Pembroke, NH.]

Due to customer requests over the years Great Northern Video has finally decided to open up a rental division. Our clients clearly see the short-term benefits of renting and we have taken the progressive step to adapt to the changes in the market to benefit our customers. Before offing rentals customers would have to travel to Massachusetts to rent equipment and be subjected to traffic, high rental costs, time spent, taxes, and high gas costs.

Renting equipment allows you to test in real world applications to find out which equipment better serves your need. You can have significant cost savings and less complexity versus in-house management of own equipment. All our equipment is new and meticulously maintained and serviced. With major changes in technology and the current state of the economy, renting might be a better choice for you and your short-term needs.

Great Northern Video rents cameras, Steadicam’s, projectors, wireless mics, edit systems, green screens, batteries and power supplies, lighting kits, tripods, monitors, jibs, the RED One camera system, etc. All our equipment is backed up with experts, with hands on real world application experience. Want to rent equipment but need some training? Great Northern Video offers training on lighting, cameras, support, editing, and sound at the lowest rates in the country.

Our rental program is fairly unique in that we offer 1 day, 3 day and 7-day rentals. The 3-day rental is the cost of 2 days and the 7-day rental is the cost of 3 days, so there is a significant cost savings over traditional rental houses. The rental department at Great Northern Video is currently accepting equipment reservations. It has already caught on and we have several projects coming to town that we are providing equipment for. We are officially open for rentals and we look forward to your business.

Michael N. Sutton
603-228-0412 x 16
Outside of NH 1-800-631-6812