Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Casting Notice: Brainbox Entertainment Demolition Project

[Received this inquiry from Brainbox Entertainment.]

BRAINBOX ENTERTAINMENT is seeking DEMOLITION PROJECTS to film for a new series (major cable).

Projects must have a WOW factor to them. We are looking for a variety of projects with BIG BOOMS, lots of DESTRUCTION, and HEAVY MACHINERY.

The show will be process-driven, so we must be able to film various stages of the demolition. Additionally, at least one person from the demolition company must be willing to appear as on-camera talent.

Filming will take place in 1st Quarter 2009.

Please have all interested parties send us an email at Parties should include the following information in the email: NAME OF COMPANY, CITY, STATE, DESCRIPTION OF UPCOMING DEMOLITION PROJECT(s), KEY EQUIPMENT USED, TIMEFRAME FOR COMPLETION. Parties must also provide CONTACT NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS. Photos of Upcoming Demolition Projects are a plus.

Deadline for submissions is December 19, 2008.