Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Casting Notice: Upcoming Osbourne Variety Show (FOX)

[From the casting producers at FremantleMedia:]

with a brand-new variety show on FOX!
(must be over 18 to apply)
Producers at FremantleMedia ("American Idol") are searching for REAL people with HILARIOUS stories!
Do you, or someone you know, have embarrassing and/or funny secrets? Have you ever wondered what would happen if friends/family found out about these hilarious secrets? For example: Have you or your friends ever had an embarrassing job and never told anyone about it? Did you get sick in a friend's car and blame it on his/her dog? Did you tell your husband/wife that you were at the gym when you were really out with your friends? Have you been so annoyed with someone that you cleaned the toilet with his/her toothbrush and never told them?
Are you in a relationship with a man who WON'T propose? Have there been instances where you thought he was going to propose and it NEVER happened? Is it NOW or NEVER? We want to hear your story as you may be what we are looking for!
Do you have a friend or family member with a home FILLED with evidence of his/her unique TASTES/OBSESSIONS? Would he/she be EMBARRASSED to see their home on TV? Do they have excess trinkets/collectibles all over the house? Do you know someone who only displays gifts when the person who bought them visits? Does your friend or family member have a closet full of Hawaiian shirts or a collection of mugs, lamps, pig or cow-inspired decorations or other items no one would believe? If you know someone like this then let us know.
Is your last name Osbourne? No matter how you spell it, we are looking for Osbournes from across the country.
SEND ALL NOMINATIONS/ STORIES NOW TO: for consideration to be on the show.