Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Musical Web Series is a Head Above the Rest

[Received this press release from New Hampshire filmmaker, John Herman.]

Remember when the best video on the web was a kid falling off his skateboard? Those days are over. A new musical web series aims to turn web video expectations on its head... literally. The surreal show follows the lives of three friends who have food items for heads. You heard right. Odd Noggin Land debuts with bi-weekly episodes starting December 15th. The first episode can be seen now at

New Hampshire artists John Herman and Ryan Plaisted conceived the show while meeting for the first time. "We met for coffee to discuss creative projects," explains Herman. "Within minutes we were plotting episodes. Two days later we were shooting with a cast of actors. We ran with the idea."

One of the greatest challenges of the new show is generating a good take from an actor performing beneath a cumbersome mask. "Making an episode of Odd Noggin Land is like acting by proxy," says Brian Paul, who plays a man with a gigantic cheeseburger for a head. "You can't see what you're doing. You can't see what the other actors are doing.
You just act and hope it looks intelligent."

The show creators hope Odd Noggin Land's mix of catchy songs and surreal visuals will attract an audience who appreciate the strange work as much as they do. "When you can say to somebody you've just met, 'let's make a musical web series about people with giant food items instead of human heads,' and that idea is received, considered, and even embraced, that's probably an indicator that you're compatible," says Plaisted. "Maybe that makes John and me the Odd Noggins."

Get a look at the new show at New episodes will debut every other week starting December 15th.