Monday, March 30, 2009

Mastering Film Scheduling and Budgeting workshop scheduled for May 1-3 in Tilton, NH

Mastering Film Scheduling and Budgeting - May 1 through May 3, 2009.

Sponsored by Imagine News, Red Hawk Entertainment, Granite Media Center, and Entertainment Partners. During this fast-paced 2½-day workshop, potential filmmakers will focus on the process of scheduling and budgeting a screenplay to arrive at its estimated cost, on time. Red Hawk Entertainment's Dorothy Aufiero, feature film and television producer, will be leading the workshop, joined by Rich Guay of Entertainment Partners. They will guide attendees through a working knowledge of the industry standard software programs EP Scheduling and EP Budgeting.

Starting with the reading of a pre-selected script and an overview of scheduling, Dorothy will demonstrate the process of manually breaking down the script into individual scenes and determining the elements necessary within each scene. With an understanding of the software fundamentals, students will create breakdown sheets and then determine calendars and shooting schedules.

Having grasped the functional, during day two, attendees will learn to run “day-out-of-day” reports and how to manipulate the shooting schedule based on consolidation of elements to maximize the costs. The process of selecting a budget template, defining globals, fringes and contractual charges and determining what size film budget best fits the project will then be explained. The day will conclude with incorporating elements gathered from the estimated shooting schedule into a preliminary budget and appropriate categories.

During the final day, students will create their own budgets using EP Budgeting software assisted by Dorothy and Rich.

In addition to workshop instructions, students will enjoy a luncheon with industry representatives including Chris O’Donnell, IATSE Local 481; Dona Somers, AFTRA/SAG; Sean O’Brien, Teamsters Local 25, and Carol Patton, Imagine News. The luncheon is sponsored by Entertainment Partners.

This is a unique opportunity to learn not only the mechanics of film scheduling and budgeting, but also the rationale as these recognized professionals share their industry experience.

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