Monday, August 17, 2009

Introduction to SnagFilms' New Submission Tool: SnagFast

[Always happy to pass opportunities that cross my desk along to filmmakers, here's a little info I received about a new service called SnagFAST.]

Dear Matthew,

We are excited to announce a new tool called SnagFAST that will help documentary filmmakers harness the power of the web to reach a global audience. We hope that you'll share this new and innovative distribution process with your filmmaker community.

What is SnagFAST? SnagFAST is the new, expedited, online submissions process from SnagFilms, a digital distribution company which celebrated its first anniversary this past July. SnagFilms has put its library of more than 850 award-winning titles - from some of the greatest names in documentary films such as Alex Gibney, Morgan Spurlock, Steve James and Ondi Timoner - in front of a huge audience: almost 1 billion pageviews since launch, on nearly 23,000 web pages, including those of The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Politico, nearly all of the AOL channels, hundreds of blogs, and thousands of social network pages like Facebook. SnagFilms splits half of the in-video advertising it receives with the respective filmmakers. We hope you'll spread the word to your filmmakers and would welcome a follow up call to answer any follow up questions.

SnagFAST is the new "Festival-Approved Submissions Tool" that lets documentary filmmakers submit their films for expedited review and distribution by SnagFilms. If a film has been selected for screening by a pre-selected, hand-picked list of over 100 top film festivals from around the globe, SnagFilms will fast-track its distribution on its web platform. SnagFAST is a simple online tool, and in 3 easy steps a film can join SnagFilms' top caliber library which includes SuperSize Me, Dig!, Nanking, to name a few.

Traditional distribution can be glacially paced, if you can secure it at all. SnagFAST makes the move from festival to the global audience fast and easy. We invite you to learn more about SnagFAST and to spread the word to your filmmaking community. Interested documentary filmmakers can click here to get started: