Thursday, August 20, 2009

Indie film "Just Say Love" to have New England premiere at Players' Ring in Portsmouth

From today:

David Mauriello will hold his New England premier of "Just Say Love" at The Music Hall in October as a special fund-raising event for the Players' Ring. The movie, filmed in '08, premiered as a play at the Ring in '05.

"The Music Hall (event) is a very special thank you primarily from me because I've benefited so generously because of its (the Ring's) policy of doing new plays," Mauriello explains. All proceeds will go to the Ring "and I mean all," he adds. Stagewright Films, owned by Mauriello and Bill Humphreys, the film's director, will underwrite all costs.

"The screening and devoting the night to the Ring ...; is the big event," he says. It may also include trailers by two additional filmmakers/writers fostered by the Ring, including "Summer Blink" by Todd Hunter.

The film was shot at the Granite Media Center in Tilton. More information on the film can be found here: