Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SENE 2010 Call-For-Entries

The second annual SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival will be held April 7-11, 2010 at the Columbus Theater in Providence, RI. SENE films compete for $1,000 cash prizes in the Best Feature, Best Short and Best Animated Film categories. Film artists also compete for both juried and audience awards in twenty additional categories. The Festival welcomes submissions from the United States and around the world, of varied forms and genres, including narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, music videos, commercials and PSAs, drama, comedy, thrillers, film noir, sci-fi, horror and LGBT films. SENE organizers are dedicated to providing a filmmaker-friendly and well-organized festival experience with participating filmmakers receiving a VIP pass to all screenings, parties and events. Filmmakers are always introduced at their screenings and have plenty of Q&A time following. Last year over 80 filmmakers and cast attended and 90% of SENE's film programs had at least one filmmaker in attendance. Early submission discounts available until September 15, 2009. Click for submission information.