Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Short film "The Pond" seeks extras for Aug. 24

[Received the following notice from John Campanello at BetweenGigs Casting.]

The independent film "The Pond" is seeking extras for funeral scenes taking place in Hudson NH on Monday, August 24...starting in late afternoon or early evening.

"The Pond" is about a woman who loses the love of her life in a car accident, and through a strange set of circumstances he is resurrected...but to her complete dismay she learns that he cannot stay. The explanation of all this comes from a very mysterious character, whose job it is to keep certain things in nature protected, and secret. Alicia Witt and David Morse star in this film.

The script is written by local screenwriter Dan Hannon, who will be directing as well. Dan is also one of the founders of the annual New Hampshire Film Festival. The film is shooting now in NH and is managed under a SAG deferred payment contract. Both union and non-union actors may submit.

Acting experience is not required, though you will need to be able to take direction, as a few scenes require the mourners to display various reactions to events that occur during the service. There is no pay, but munchies will be provided. The time commitment may be 4 - 8 hours. All looks and ages 18 and over are welcome to submit. Expectations for wardrobe are below.

If you would like to be considered as an extra, please respond asap to with:

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Age Range

Subject Line of your response should be Extra: Your Name

The producers will contact all who are selected to be extras. You are welcome to submit with a friend, spouse, etc. No headshots or resumes need be submitted. They will ask for photos if necessary. They need approx 100 please feel free to forward this message.



If you are unsure about your wardrobe or feel you do not have what meets the description below, just use your best judgment and bring what you would feel is appropriate for a funeral.

Wardrobe Notes:

The scene is a funeral, please bring formal clothing and footwear in dark colors, i.e. black, grey, brown, blue, etc. The season is summer.

Please come dressed in a possible change and please bring several change options with you.

Appropriate Options for Women:

Top and and skirt (nothing too short), with hose or tights, heels or dressy flats
Dress with hose or tights, heels or dressy flats
Top and pant, with heels or dressy flats
Blazers with any of the above combinations are welcome as well

Appropriate Options for Men:

Suit, with button down shirt, tie and dress shoes (or shoes in a dark color)
Button down shirt and tie, dress pants and dress shoes
Blazer and dress pants pant with button down, polo or other appropriate shirt and dress shoes

Men: Please bring several tie options. Please try to avoid tops with a lot of white.

No Logos, No Solid White
Avoid anything with heavy patterning or patterning with large blocks of the color white.
Try to avoid any happy colors, such as yellows, oranges, etc.

Thank You!!

Wardrobe Department