Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ACTING FOR THE CAMERA workshops begin Sept. 14

[Received this bulletin from Lori Gigliotti Murphy at Whitebridge Farm Productions.]

ACTING FOR THE CAMERA workshops brought to you by Whitebridge Farm Productions.

YOU – ON SCREEN – NOW. The only way to really practice the craft of Acting for the Camera.

Year-round six-week sessions are available for this on-going, hands-on, on-screen workshop taught by New England professionals which allows you to get truly comfortable with yourself on the big screen as you gain confidence and skill. Challenge yourself at your level of experience while preparing for potential future opportunities. Designed by Whitebridge Studios to increase talent pool for productions.

Fall session for Youth and Adults available in Concord (Mondays) and Manchester (Tuesdays) beginning September 14th.

Participants who have completed this program are invited to enroll in THE SCREEN TEST workshop with Academy Award winner Ernest Thompson.

Please contact us at 603-744-3652 or Lori@WhitebridgeFarmProductions.com for more information.