Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stagewright Films announces screenings of its first stage-to-screen production JUST SAY LOVE

[From our friends at Stagewright Films...]

Following a successful public premiere of JUST SAY LOVE at the Philadelphia Q Fest this past July, Stagewright Films (SWF) founders Emmy award winning director Bill Humphreys and award winning writer David J. Mauriello announce that JUST SAY LOVE will be screened at the IMAGE OUT festival in Rochester NY on October 18 and on October 22 at the Music Hall in Portsmouth NH.

JUST SAY LOVE scored in the top ten in audience approval in Philadelphia and was mere fractions of points away from the winning film which boasted well known stars.

Scott Cranin of TLA Video writes, "Adapted by writer David J. Mauriello from his stage play, JUST SAY LOVE is a stunning departure from the average stage-to-screen film. With simple sets on a dark sound stage and just two actors, director Bill Humphreys and team have created a strikingly elegant, moving and satisfying film. One never knows which way the heart will turn. Pure and deceptively simple, JUST SAY LOVE is truly a wonderful cinematic creation full of love." And Joseph R. Saporito at New York News writes of stars Matthew Jaeger and Robert Mammana, "Jaeger and Mammana are ideal in their delivery, and their eyes reveal their love and/or lust for another in this remarkable story of how life has a quirky way of showing us just exactly who we are."

SWF is especially proud of the recognition given to its stage-to-screen concept. "We wanted to preserve plays as they were written for the stage but with enough innovation in presentation so as to avoid the static quality that results from simply putting a camera out in front." Using a concept envisioned by producer/director Humphreys that includes a combination of abstract sets and stage - "opening up" scenes including rainfall and snow, JUST SAY LOVE provides the audience with the immediacy and energy of dialogue written for the stage and the visual experience that movie goers expect. JUST SAY LOVE was filmed entirely on Stage 100 at the Granite Media Center in Tilton NH in May of 2008. A distribution deal with HERE MEDIA was signed later that year. A full theatrical release is scheduled for Spring 2010.

The October 22 screening in Portsmouth NH is a benefit for the Players' Ring, the theater in Portsmouth where JUST SAY LOVE premiered on stage in the Summer of 2005. Tickets are $15 general admission and may be ordered at the Music Hall box office at 603 436 2400 or at 28 Chestnut Street, downtown Portsmouth. For further information visit or