Monday, November 9, 2009

New Hampshire-based Roundtable Pictures debuts new film and Doritos ad

[From New Hampshire-based Roundtable Pictures.]

Roundtable Pictures, the independent film company co-founded by Seacoast filmmakers Lars Trodson and Mike Gillis, will debut their latest short film, "Tuesday Morning", at The Red Door in Portsmouth on Thursday, Nov. 12. Their will be an encore presentation on Friday, Nov. 13. Both shows will begin at 6 p.m. The Red Door is located at 107 State Street. Admission is free.

"Tuesday Morning" will be shown with their award-winning film, "The Listeners."

Roundtable Pictures has also submitted an entry in the "Crash the Superbowl" ad contest sponsored by Doritos. The ad, titled "The Main Ingredient", can be seen at It is submission number 1496. and has already generated an incredibly favorable response.

"This has been a busy time for us. We worked on "Tuesday Morning' all summer, and got it ready in time to submit to the Sundance Film Festival, which we did just before the deadline. Then the Doritos contest came up, and we've been continuously posting on our website which, more than two-and-half years after we went live, has quietly become both popular and pretty well respected," said Trodson.

"Tuesday Morning" takes place inside the North Tower of the World Trade Center on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. The film stars Seacoast actors Whitney Smith and Teddi Kenick-Bailey. It was written by Trodson, directed by Gillis, and shot by award-winning filmmaker Jay Childs.

"This is a very simple film, very lovely. I don't want to say too much about it, I think it should be a surprise," said Gillis. "I do think it has two of the most stunning performances you're going to see by any actor around town. Whitney and Teddi just put their heart and soul into this thing, and that alone is worth watching." Gillis said "Tuesday Morning" is about to hit the festival circuit.

Their short film, "The Listeners", won the Best Short Drama award at the New Hampshire Film Expo in 2005. They are also the creative team behind "A Bootful of Fish" (2006) and "Elevation", which debuted at the NHFF in 2008.

The Doritos ad fell together quickly, said Trodson. With a script by Trodson, the ad was directed by Gillis and edited by both.

"We just had a funny idea, and ran with it. Mike and I some time ago decided to branch out into advertising, so this was a logical step for us. We asked two non-actors, but very good and funny guys, Mark Dearborn and Scott Bourget, and a really talented Seacoast actor, Chris Curtis, to make up this comedy team," said Trodson. "In it they cook dinner for their girlfriends with nothing but Doritos. That ad came out like a dream, I think. We had a team of some of the best craftspeople in the Seacoast jump right in to help out."