Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Hampshire Production Directory Update

The New Hampshire Film & Television Office is in the process of updating its online Media Production Directory of Crew and Services which is featured under the Production Guide section of our website at It has been some time since we've done a thorough update, and we are now finding a number of non-working phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Essentially, it's time to refresh our database and we want to take this opportunity to make sure that our information is complete and current.

We are also creating a downloadable, print-friendly master list from the listings in our online directory. However, before that feature goes live on the website we would like to launch it with the same up-to-date information that will appear online. So, this update is crucial for both pieces.

Over the last week, we have sent out e-mail notifications to all of those listed in the directory who have e-mail addresses on file. At this point, all of those notifications have been sent. If you are listed in the directory, please check your inbox for our e-mail (you may want to check your spam folders, just in case - although each e-mail was personalized and sent individually.) If you haven't received our e-mail and feel that you should have, please let us know (we've received a number of bounceback messages, as well.)

If you have received our e-mail, please take take a moment to make any corrections to your contact information or service description, including any recent credits, affiliations, or equipment available and reply back to us so we may update your listing.

Please send your changes to or by calling the Film & Television Office at (603) 271-2220. If all the information is correct, please let us know so we may keep track of those who have responded. Also, feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

If you are a New Hampshire-based production company or industry member and are not currently listed in our directory, please visit for information about getting your free listing.

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Many thanks,

Matthew Newton
State of New Hampshire
Film and Television Office