Monday, November 16, 2009

NH screenwriter selected as finalist at NYC Horror Film Fest

[Received this release from Grave Situations Films LLC.]

“Fools Gold – The Legend of Pickax Phil” a screenplay written by Brandt McGuire, has been selected as one of the top ten finalists for this year’s New York City Horror Film Festival.

The New York City Horror Film Festival is the United States' largest and most recognized horror genre film festival, which is held yearly at The Tribeca Film Center in Manhattan. For more information on the Festival go to:

"The Legend of Pickax Phil" is a story about the town of Bodie, California. In the 1940’s Brodie was the most prosperous gold mining town in the U.S., but after a horrible mining collapse caused by the miner known as Pickaxe Phil, Bodie, becomes a desolate desert town. Now, a group of college students stop at the living historical California gold mining town to research its history for a school report on their way to Las Vegas for spring break. Some of them go for the extra credit and others go for the myth of the gold that may still sit untouched under the town. The few townsfolk that live in Bodie, talk about small town living, mining in the 1940’s, and the legend of Pickaxe Phil, whose ghost now walks the mines. The headstrong students decide to investigate the mines themselves, despite the warnings. After they enter the mine, past a sign that reads “Stay Out – Stay Alive”, the students quickly learn the ghost of Pickaxe Phil is real...and he plans on keeping his gold.

Brandt is the Founder and Director of Creative Services at Grave Situations Films LLC, an independent New Hampshire film company. Brandt is a 2001 graduate of Souhegan High School and 2006 graduate of Boston University CDIA. After CDIA Brandt worked behind the camera on several TV Series and two Disney movies filmed in New England. He Produced and Directed his first feature film “D.I.D.” which premiered at the Palace Theater in June 2008. For information go to: