Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WORLD WAR II NEW HAMPSHIRE to screen at Red River Theatres December 7

[From John Gfroerer at Accompany.]

The anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor will be observed with a showing of "World War II New Hampshire," a documentary by Concord film maker John Gfroerer, at Red River Theatres, 11 South Main Street, Concord. Gfroerer will introduce the documentary and talk breifly about some of the research that went into it before the showing. Following the film he will present a short US War Department film titled "It's Up To You" about rationing. Gfroerer will then lead an open discussion about New Hampshire's response on the Homefront during the War. The program begins at 7pm on Monday December 7, 2009.

Produced in 1994, funded by the New Hampshire Humanities Council and previously shown on the Yankee Cable Network and New Hampshire Public Television, "World War II New Hampshire" is a story about the homefront battlefield during the war years. No City, no town, no person in America could escape it. World War Two mobilized the entire country, the entire world. This documentary is about the war years in New Hampshire. It is about a time of historic events that shape society to this day.

No gas, no tires, no stockings, no meat. The war took them all. Teachers remember their students disappearing. Students remember their teachers disappearing. Factory owners remember their workers disappearing. Everyone remembers their friends, lovers, and family members who didn't come home. But there were also good times, when people worked together. Community spirit and patriotism flowed from every home like the fragrance of a fresh baked apple pie.

This documentary captures that time in New Hampshire. Through interviews, historic news films, photos and radio reports from the battlefields, it chronicles how a nation, a state and the citizens of New Hampshire mobilized for war.

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