Friday, December 4, 2009

News from New Hampshire's Thom Pollard/Eyes Open Productions

New Hampshire-based Thom Pollard of Eyes Open Productions in North Conway recently returned from an extensive filming trip to Alaska and Prince Edward Island. He dropped us a line about his adventures and recent projects:

"I just returned from a three week filming trip to Alaska and then Prince Edward Island. I was producing/filming for two very popular fishing programs that air on Versus and Outdoor Channel.

The work I've been doing of late is very interesting, and has taken me from Alaska to PEI to Labrador to Ontario, India, Philippines, Hong Kong and so on. On PEI I was filming a program on bluefin tuna. I was at the same time gathering clips and information for a possible documentary, which I hope to begin filming next spring. The doc is about a group of fishermen that work closely together on the northeast section of the island. There are seven men in the group, all captains of their own boat. The group includes a dad and two sons. The way they help each other out on the water - finding the tuna, helping them overcome adverse conditions, etc. - is something to behold.
It's a story as much about relationships as it is about the beauty and fierceness of the ocean. The backdrop is a very hard way of life that they lead, specifically in the tuna industry.

On PEI there is a cooperative program that manages the fishing industry, keeping an eye on the health of the bluefin tuna population. As you know, bluefin (tuna in general) are fished so heavily in other parts of the world (particulary the eastern Atlantic) that the health of the species is put in danger. The focus of my documentary on PEI would cover this story in-depth, and discuss the ways in which the fisheries in Canada and PEI are working to maintain healthy bluefin populations. Of course, as I mentioned, the relationship of these men really makes the story, as does the incredible beauty and starkness of Prince Edward Island.

Other programs I've produced/filmed for in the last 18-months include NOW On PBS (filmed in India, a program on the melting Gangotri Glacier, which feeds the Ganges), as well as some commercial work covering events in England, Philippines, Canada and beyond. I also recently filmed an expedition to and ascent of Aconcagua, the largest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas."
Thanks, Thom! Hope to hear more about the Versus and Outdoor Channel programs soon! Visit his website at

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