Tuesday, January 12, 2010

7 Day PSA Competition - Opportunities

[Received this e-mail from our friend Dana Biscotti Myskowski with information on the upcoming 7 Day PSA Competition - there's an opportunity here for some additional crew members.]

Hi, All,

Hope 2010 is off to a great start.

I am crewing up for the premiere 7 Day PSA Competition, January 28 - February 4. I will produce and write for Smoky Quartz Productions. Adam Jones will direct and Gary Anderson will DP.

We are in need of Production Assistants for the shoot and, in particular, a Gaffer.

We are also looking to secure as much music or musicians, a list of available actors and Voice Over artists (non-union), a list of potential locations, and as many still shots as possible; we won't know till we get our assignment what we will actually need, but giving many folks a heads-up about our possible needs may help production run more smoothly.

Info on the competition is here: http://www.7daypsa.org/. If you're interested in volunteering to help out, please send me your name, any specific video production abilities or help you could provide, and days/hours you would likely be available for the seven-day shoot. Or if you have original music you can grant us the rights to, or if you could be available for VO or acting, please let me know.

Please note: while the competition is being run out of Providence, Rhode Island, we will be doing a majority, if not all, of our production here in New Hampshire. I will be looking for a driver to deliver the DVDs to Providence on the evening of Feb. 4th, however.


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Smoky Quartz Productions
7 Day PSA Competition

Dana Biscotti Myskowski, Producer/Writer

Adam Jones, Director

Gary Anderson, DP