Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Hall Wildcard Movie: SHORTS IN PORTS March 18 - six short films

The Music Hall Presents
March Wildcard Movie

Shorts in Ports

Thursday March 18, 2010 7pm

“Six fantastic short films from talented filmmakers.”
– Chase Bailey, guest curator

Post film Q+A with the directors

Portsmouth, New Hampshire…The Music Hall’s Wildcard Movie for March is Shorts in Ports scheduled for Thursday March18 at 7pm. The night includes six award winning short films that will be shown on the big screen: Crooked Lane, The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of The Suicide Brothers, The Toll, Sniffer, Ana’s Playground, and West Bank Story. Actors such as Keira Knightley, Rupert Friend, Ann Cusack, and Brett Cullen star in the films. According to Chris Curtis, Film and Outreach Coordinator for The Music Hall, “Our description of our Wildcard Movie series is: ‘Once each month. One night only. Rare, random, relevant. Expect Surprises.’ For the month of March, we decided to lean towards ‘Expect Surprises’ and we’ve brought in a guest curator - local filmmaker Chase Bailey of Left Bank Films. Come get a taste of local filmmaking and culture at its best with this exclusive opportunity to view all these remarkable films the same evening.”

Of the March Wildcard, Chase said, "I am pleased to present six fantastic short films from some talented filmmakers, all of which have won awards, including an Oscar and a Palme D'Or. We are excited to bring to you this opportunity to see all of these amazing films, together, that you might otherwise not get to see."

In addition to the Oscar and a Palme D’Or, these films have received accolades at festivals around the country. At the end of the evening, the audience will have the rare opportunity to speak with many of the films’ directors and producers during the Q&A, providing the chance to get a more in-depth analysis of the films, and a real feel for the local talent that surrounds the Seacoast. In attendance will be film directors: The Toll - J. Zachary Pike and Marc Dole; Crooked Lane - Chase Bailey; Ana's Playground - Eric Howell; and film producers: Sniffer – Glen Gardner (and Chase Bailey).

About the directors and producers

Chase Bailey, Guest Curator, and Crooked Lane

Chase Bailey is both a filmmaker and an artist with a passion for storytelling. The owner of Left Bank Films, based in Portsmouth, NH and Paris, France, he wrote and directed the paranormal short drama Crooked Lane, and has produced such films as The Libertine and The Life Before Her Eyes. As a painter, he currently has work being showcased in a traveling exhibit focused on artistic interpretations of the Dalai Lama.

Marc Dole, The Toll

Founder, CEO, Hatchling Studios, a multi award-winning New England based Animation and Interactive studio serving corporate and entertainment clients since 1999. Since starting in the industry, he has consistently pushed the merger of computers, video, film, and interactivity. Hatchling is a convergence of these skills and of talented artists and technicians that bring the projects to life.

- Producer - "The Toll" - CGI Animated short mockumentary interview with a bridge troll. Winner of 9 Animation awards and 1 Comedy Award
- Producer - "Endurance Challenge" - Webisode series starring voice actor Billy West

Zachary Pike, The Toll

Producer currently working on contract gigs while pursuing a new short, and possibly higher education. Former Creative Director, Animation, Writer, VP of Animation Services, Hatchling Studios. Worked on developing the majority of Hatchling's properties for film and TV. Wrote and directed spots for Reebok, Liberty Mutual, NBC, Charmin, Signiant, and Duracell. Specialties include:

3D Animation, Directing, Screenwriting, and Creative.

- Wrote and Directed "The Toll," a mockumentary short that has attended over 60 festivals worldwide and won 10 awards.
- Wrote and Directed Signiant: Media Rush, a trade show animation that won a 2007 Silver Create Award.
- Co-Created, Wrote, and Co-Directed Hatchling's Endurance Challenge: Mordred's Isle, starring Billy West.

Eric Howell, Ana's Playground

Immersed in film since the age of 10, Eric was a pioneer in the industry when his film The Interview became the first to be shot on film and debuted online. With Ana's Playground he has taken a fresh look at the effects of war on children, bringing that awareness to the screen.

Trailer Crooked Lane:

Tickets for Shorts in Ports

Shorts in Ports will be shown Thursday March 18 at 7pm. Tickets are $8.50 and can be purchased now at the box office (28 Chestnut St., Portsmouth, New Hampshire), by phone at 603.436.2400, or online at