Monday, March 8, 2010

New Hampshire-made indie feature DRIBBLES now on Netflix

[Received this piece of good news from Tom and Heidi Tosi at Tosi Productions in Goffstown...]

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations and thanks to all those who have worked on "Dribbles". YOU are now on Netflix!

It's been a long stroll down a crooked road but we are happy to share the news that Heidi and I have signed a distribution deal for "Dribbles". Part of the reason this process has taken so long was our desire to find just the right company to handle the film -- if, in fact, we decided to pursue a third party distributor at all. We always knew that such a handmade and personal film as "Dribbles" would not attract the major distributors and we had serious concerns about the practices of many of the smaller firms. Those concerns were put to rest when we were put in touch with Passion River Films ( We found Passion River to be truly filmmaker friendly and genuinely, well, passionate, about the products they represent. Passion River specializes in documentary, art house, and educational titles.

Here is what you can do. As of today, "Dribbles" is carried by Netflix. The amount of copies that Netflix orders and distributes is dictated by the number of members who have added the movie to their queue. So, if you, family, or friends have been meaning to see "Dribbles" and haven't had the chance yet (or you have seen it and would like to see it again), please consider adding the film to your queue. The release date of "Dribbles" is in late April but you may immediately "Save" the film. Simply go to Netflix and type "Dribbles" in the search box. You may also rate or review the film if you feel inclined to do so but the real help is adding it to your queue.

Please spread the word and thanks so much to all those who have helped on this project and have been so patient.


-Tom & Heidi
[More information on DRIBBLES can be found at]