Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Casting Notice: PROPER MANORS

[Received this casting notice from Pietro D'Alessio at New Hampshire-based Alexius Omnimedia.]

MyTV's "Proper Manors" is a 26 episode soap opera that will begin lensing in August 2010 in the Seacost area.

Actors should submit headshot/resume to

Include Role in the subject line.

We will also see some Actors at this round of auditions we saw previously for their callback.

Auditions will be held on Monday, May 24, 2010 in Derry, NH by appointment/invitation only from 0930a-345p

AFTRA Paperwork Pending (Boston)

Production Company - Alexius Omnimedia in association with Kinney Hill Media Partners

Executive Producers: Pietro D'Alessio, Paul Todd Sullivan, Leslie Taylor
Producers: Brian Pickard, Crystal Slonecker
Created by Pietro D'Alessio
Head Writer: Brian Pickard
Contributing Writers: Michael Robert Berry, Carolyn Russell
Associate Producers: Deborah Barry, Deb Davidson, Brett Carniero, Crystal Elkins
Casting Director: Pietro D'Alessio
Casting Associates: Deborah Barry, Deb Davidson, Kristi Lynn
Directors: Deborah Barry, Michael Robert Berry, Brian Pickard

The story centers on a group of teenagers and their families. This is a character breakdown for episode one.

Additional roles will be created and introduced in later episodes.

JOEY "Giuseppe" SORRENTO (LEAD) - CAST (Logan Harrington)


ALESSANDRO SORRENTO (SUPPORTING) - 58, Patriarch, Spy, Businessman - A mysterious international traveling business man who has many secrets and is somewhat unapproachable yet when he has had a few glasses of wine or beers, he begins mesmerizing everyone with stories of his many adventures around the world. An only child of immigrants that is still well connected to his family in Europe, he is always whisking people away for trips and making new business plans. His businesses include a bar, restaurant, car lots, daycare centers and real estate. He is not one to stay in one place very long although he is a responsible and caring father to his children and a reluctant contributor to the community at large. .

JEF KNIGHTS (LEAD) 18, tall, blonde, blue eyed, good looking, Joey’s partner –in –crime and the only person he trusts. He is a genuine person with a weakness for women and a soft spot for friends.

CLAIRE WALDEN (SUPPORTING) - 18, Local heiress, gorgeous blonde, rich. Not to be taken lightly and doesn’t take “no” for an answer. She’ll manipulate and toy with others’ feelings to get what she wants. She sincerely wants what is best for others but yet can’t help putting herself first. Having a good time and laughing is paramount to her existence and she is very popular with both her friends and other men.

TRINA TRAPNELL (SUPPORTING) - 18, brunette, working class, with a few extra pounds, very attractive and desirable. She loves country music, writing poetry, the bible, and imagines a better life. She is a Sunday school teacher who happens to be a nymphomaniac and desperately wants to change and desires a better life than the one she has had growing up although she is not in any way, shape or form condescending.

BLANCHE CRAWFORD SORRENTO (SUPPORTING) - 50, Matriarch, Old Southern Money, entered marriage already independently wealthy from her parents and grandparents. She was educated at a private all girl’s university and claims to be liberal and open-minded yet when anything occurs that could shine a negative light on her or what she views as her family and/or interests, she can become conservative, conniving and tough. She is well respected by most and sits on multiple boards throughout the community. It is her attention to detail that often results in additional opportunities to increase the family fortune. She is a tremendous flirt and has many men from her youth interested in her. She loves to host and entertain but leaves the daily details of housekeeping, the grounds, pool and such to her staff.


FANCY HICKS (LEAD) - CAST - Melinda Chilton

SHILA HICKS (SUPPORTING) - 18, tough, smart, sexy, elegant, stylish, thereby hiding her rough upbringing. She’s confused about who her real father is, yet arrives in town ready to claim her family fortune. She views others as an enemy, friend or a piece of the puzzle in her world to get what she wants.

MILDRED DEAN CRAWFORD (FEATURED) - 72-80, tough-as-nails grandmother, wealthy, hardened, came from nothing. Still a manipulative force to be reckoned with on her death bed.


TERRANCE DALTON (RECURRING) - Police Officer, Well Kept, Late 30's, Seemingly innocent, follower who does as asked.


GUY WALDEN (Supporting)—38, buinessman, possibly balding, fair-skinned, loves his whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. He is a great provider but a crappy husband until he has to play the role in public. He has made millions in the oil industry and owns all the local convenient stores. His daughter is his weak spot.

JEAN PIERRE (RECURRING) - Sorrento Family Butler & Confidant, Loyal, Always in control, Open to accents/other ethnicities.

NURSE (FEATURED) - Jaded & Compassionate