Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Television program seeks short films

[Received this opportunity on 5/12. Note: Received UPDATED info today.]

Alexius OmniMedia is looking for short films (2-15 minutes) that we will air on "Around Town with Leslie Taylor" a new weekly News/Entertainment show on MyTV New England. This is a 3 MILLION homes market. Our first episode will air on Sunday May 30th where we will be hosting a short film showcase featuring the works of directors from across the globe.

The filmmakers cost will be $200.00 for a 2-7 minute film, $400 for an 8-15 minute film which will run commercial free. As opposed to the costs associated with submitting your work to film festivals (where you are not guaranteed admission), our program will be featuring your film to a 3 MILLION homes market, the 5th largest market in the United States. We will not only air the film but we will introduce it and mention the producers, directors and talent before the film begins.

In addition, because this is an AFTRA certified show...your film will automatically qualify for an IMDB credit if it doesn't already have one. Furthermore, the filmmaker will be provided with a copy of the full episode and full usage rights to that footage for use on your own website/media outlet. We will also provide you with a plug & banner on our website as well as a link to your own website. We are in talks now with to have those films that are selected also posted to their website for further viewing. Those films that catch our eye but will not fit into our showcase special will be contacted as asked if they would like to be put "on avail" for usage on a future episode. We may also want to do a feature interview on future episodes of some of our "discoveries".

About Us: We are associated with several projects in the New England area, including feature films "Watch Island", "Slayers", and a brand new television series to begin airing this fall, "Proper Manors". Talent attached to these projects include director Kevin Macdonald, 5 Time UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia, VH1's Lina So, Actress Gabrielle Stone (daughter of the legendary Dee Wallace Stone), "Malcolm in the Middle's" Craig Lamar Traylor, "The Young & The Restless" Sean Kanan, Actress Sam Doumit, writer Brian Pickard, and producer Peitro D'Alessio.

Submission requirements: The film must be acceptable for airing on Network Television. Constraints include: No Nudity, No Swearing (unless you agree to having it "bleeped"), No Excessive Violence, and No Excessive Sexual Content.

Please submit your entries (either a link where we can view film or a video file) along with your contact information to for our review. Those films that are selected will be contacted and invited to participate. As is the story with all TV, we are on a serious deadline crunch so please submit your films ASAP.

Thank you film folks! We believe in your talent! A special thanks as well to Chuck Slavin for helping Alexius Omnimedia to get the word out.


Leslie Taylor
Host/Executive Producer