Thursday, June 17, 2010

Casting Notice: Seeking 3 Actors for leads in festival short.

[Received this casting notice from Rick Broussard and John Hession.]

"In the Garden" is a short filming in July 2010 near Peterborough. It is based upon a short script written by Rick Broussard, and is being produced and directed by Rick Broussard and John W. Hession. Filming will take place over a weekend sometime in July. This 15 min. short features a confrontation between the female lead and an older man, resulting in a "possible" murder suicide. No graphic violence or nudity but adult themes, adult language and emotionally charged confrontations. We are casting three leads:

Female lead, 20 something, beautiful and hot, very smart and quick but not quite aware of her character bending sexuality. Good at witty banter and improv. Must be able to flirt with and dominate an intelligent older man by taking him down the path just so far.

Male lead, 20 something, Ethan Hawke good looks marred by lack of awareness, kind of blithe ambivalence toward everything important.

Male lead, 60ish, Sean O'Connery type fading good looks, past his prime but still in the saddle. Able to dazzle 20 something ingenue with wit and charm. Cast and Crew working for food, credits and a copy of the film for their reel.

Please forward resume, credits, photo and all that junk to, Feel free to call John @ 603-523-9244 with any questions.