Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hollywood and New England-produced "Animation Nation" coming to MyTV New England

[From Christopher Murphy at MyTV New England.]

MyTV New England Studios is excited to announce the latest TV show to join our "Broadcast TV Series" line-up. "Animation Nation" is the first Hollywood and New England produced TV show created for the series. The show is produced by Monster Dance Productions which is owned by Garth R. Bacon and Tim Swaan. Their previous productions include the Award Winning television program "Living with Fame" which tells the story of living with celebrity through candid interviews with celebrities themselves.

"Animation Nation" will be a weekly television series designed to highlight the works of animators from around the world; from students of the craft to professionals with a passion who have created works that have yet to be seen by the television-viewing public. The show will reach to 2.5 million homes throughout New England on all cable systems (Comcast, Metrocast, RCN etc), all satellites (Direct TV & Dish Network), Verizon FIOS and broadcast (rabbit ears).

The "Broadcast TV Series" uses an exclusive "Branded Entertainment" model developed by Film and TV Development Executive Christopher C. Murphy. If you are a business-minded filmmaker or TV producer based in New England and would like to learn more about possible participation in this series please contact Film and TV Development Executive Christopher C. Murphy at the MyTV New England Studios.