Monday, November 29, 2010

Time to renew your listing in our online Production Directory!

In an effort to keep our online Production Directory of Crew and Services current, the New Hampshire Film & Television Office will be sending out an email notice shortly to all of those listed in the directory asking members to review their listings and make any changes, if necessary. Listings are posted in the directory for the duration of the calendar year and expire on December 31. Current members will be asked to respond to the email, regardless of whether or not the listing is in need of updating, to let us know that the listing should be renewed for the forthcoming year. Listings in the directory are free of charge. The Production Directory is located at

Please note: If we do not hear back from members directly regarding their listings, those listings will be removed from the directory after December 31.

A complete list of all companies and individuals in the directory can be found here. Members are welcome to review their listings and contact the New Hampshire Film & Television Office with corrections and renewal status at