Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Hampshire's MyTV New England Studios to produce new reality show

[This was sent to us by Christopher Murphy at New Hampshire-based MyTV New England Studios.]
Reality television show "Boston Ruit" is coming to NBC Universal Sports Boston

The new commercial broadcast television show "Boston Ruit" is now in pre-production after successfully locking in multiple sponsorships for Season 1.  The upcoming production is schedule for February and broadcast premiere for March 2011.  The TV show is collaboration between Chris Liquori and Keith Clutch Winer from Bostonian Productions and Christopher Murphy from MyTV New England Studios (home of NBC Universal Sports Boston).

The show is part of an exclusive "Film and TV Series" developed by MyTV New England Studios to foster ongoing collaborative development opportunities for upcoming and seasoned filmmakers and TV producers.  The engine that drives the series is an evolving branded entertainment model which is the process of securing businesses to participate in the content of TV shows or indie feature films (location & product placements), TV advertising campaigns, special events and other custom branding opportunities. 

The Greatest Bar is one of the hottest bars in Boston located next to The Garden has officially signed on as location placement using the branded entertainment model.  Bostonian Productions and NBC Universal Sports Boston teamed up to lock in this key seasonal sponsor and will be collaborating throughout 2011.

"Boston Ruit" is asking everyone that would like to participate in the show or become a fan to join the official Facebook page for the TV show. The show is seeking participants to get teams together, start practicing and get excited for the tryout dates on Feb. 17th, 18th at the Greatest Bar in Boston.  All players featured on the TV show have a chance to compete for the championship and the audience tuning into the TV show can follow players throughout the season.

Bostonian Productions is owned and operated by Chris Liquori and Keith Clutch Winer.  The production company recently formed with a mission to create commercial broadcast TV shows and independent feature films in New England.  Please contact Bostonian Productions with audience, press and TV advertising inquiries.

MyTV New England Studios is the broadcast leader in branded entertainment in New England and broadcasts out of So. New Hampshire. The TV channel is a major broadcaster that reaches 2.5 million homes through cable systems (Comcast, Metrocast, RCN etc), satellites (Dish Network, Direct TV), Verizon FIOS and over-the-air broadcasting (rabbit ears). Contact Christopher C. Murphy, Film and TV Development Executive at MyTV New England Studios with audience, press and TV advertising inquiries.