Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BENEATH CONTEMPT screens at Slamdance Film Festival

New Hampshire actor Eric Eastman contacted us recently to let us know that the indie feature BENEATH CONTEMPT, which was shot partially in southern New Hampshire, would be screening at this year's Slamdance Film Festival, which runs at the same time as the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. As promised, Eric has provided us with a wrap-up of his time at Slamdance and asked that we share it with you. Thanks, Eric!
Eric R. Eastman here (ericeastman.com), with a quick update on the progress of the Emerson College Sr. Thesis film project "Beneath Contempt", a feature, which was accepted at the SLAMDANCE Film Festival in Park City, Utah. As you may remember, this film was partially shot in Nashua, NH, and includes 2 NH-based actors as a part of it's ensemble cast. (Larry Vigus and Eric R. Eastman).

The film has made it's World Premier at the SLAMDANCE festival, which runs concurrently with the famed Sundance Film Festival (also held in Park City, Utah). "Beneath Contempt" first screened on Saturday, Jan 22nd @ 2:30pm MST in the 'main theater' at the festival's host facility, the Treasure Mountain Inn. The screening sold out, with some attendees even sitting on the floor, w/o seats! The second screening is set to run on Tuesday evening at 10pm, MST. Anticipation is high for this 2nd screening, as numerous distribution agents of consequence have expressed specific interest in attending.

Post premier buzz on the street has many attendees attesting to the cast/crew and production staff of this film that "Beneath Contempt" has impressed them as one of the best and most gripping dramas amongst Feature Narrative entries that they have ever seen presented in the festival's 15 year history.
One attendee, it is reported, a woman from California, even tearfully hugged the film's lead actor following the screening and thanked him profusely.

Moreover, coordinators of the coveted "MethodFest Film Festival", a competitive film event in California that focuses on quality of acting in film, have exhibited their interest to the writer/director of "Beneath Contempt", Ben Brewer, in including it as an official entry at their next festival in March of 2012 (submissions 'officially' open in Summer, 2011) !!

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