Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MyTV New England Studios announces live-action comic book movie

[Press release from MyTV New England Studios.]

THE UNSEEN – a branded entertainment independent feature film to be released in 2011

Boston, MA | Manchester, NH (February 16, 2011) – MyTV New England Studios and Double Midnight Productions today announce THE UNSEEN a feature film to be produced for a new Independent Film Series. MyTV New England Studios’ film series recently had success collaborating on the indie feature film JOY AND THE APOCALYPSE.

Double Midnight Productions is an offshoot of Double Midnight Comics of Manchester, NH.  THE UNSEEN will be the first comic book movie to ever be produced by owners of a comic book store.  The movie will use an exclusive branded entertainment model that was developed by Christopher Murphy at MyTV New England Studios.

Co-founders of the New Hampshire Film Festival, Chris Proulx and Brett Parker believe that the Independent Film Series is an excellent way to support locally produced independent filmmaking.

“We’re excited to be part of the very beginning of this game changer just like when we helped co-found the New Hampshire Film Festival and I brought the 48-Hour Film Project to NH.” said Proulx.

Parker said, “We’re excited to be collaborating with Christopher on THE UNSEEN.  We’re looking to make this a fun experience, it brings together our love of film and comic books and we’re planning on making this an interactive experience for our customers!”.

“The film series promotes generating revenue for a filmmaker while they make their movie. It also supports earning a profit on any theatrical exhibitions prior to an exclusive 2-HOUR PRIME TIME SPECIAL. The broadcast will include the full movie, Filmmaker Q & A, cast & crew interviews and behind the scenes footage.”, said Murphy.

THE UNSEEN is slated for a limited theatrical release in the Fall 2011 and special broadcast premiere on Christmas Eve with a 2-HOUR PRIME TIME 8-10pm.

Double Midnight Productions can be contacted via Double Midnight Comics in Manchester.  Contact Brett Parker or Chris Proulx with fan support, press and TV advertising inquiries. 603-669-9636 or 603-553-3203

MyTV New England Studios is the broadcast leader in branded entertainment. The TV channel is a major broadcaster that reaches 2.5 million homes.  Contact Christopher C. Murphy, Film and TV Development Executive at MyTV New England Studios with audience, press and TV advertising inquiries. 603-553-3203