Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MyTV New England Studios announces new health and fitness TV series

[From Christopher Murphy at MyTV New England Studios.]

MyTV New England Studios (home of NBC Universal Sports Boston) is excited to announce a new ‘Health and Fitness TV Series’ that will broadcast on NBC Universal Sports Boston using an exclusive branded entertainment model. The model funds the development, production and distribution of locally produced TV shows and independent feature films.

Film and TV Development Executive at MyTV New England Studios, Christopher C. Murphy said, “I’d like to officially announce this exciting new TV series that I created which is branded for multiple TV shows that I will develop in 2011.”

The new series will have 5 distinct locally produced TV shows designated for each day of the work week – all promoted under the brand ‘Health and Fitness TV Series’.  The ‘Taekwondo TV Show’ will have its broadcast premiere on March 4th 2011 at 8:30am and will be hosted by Grand Master Robert Limier of Pelham, NH.

“I’m excited to be collaborating with Christopher at MyTV New England Studios on the first TV show in this new exciting series for NBC Universal Sports Boston. During the pilot season we’re going to have fun with the show,” says host and producer Grand Master Robert Lemire. 

The broadcast premiere of ‘Taekwondo TV Show’ is scheduled for March 4th, 2011 at 8:30am on NBC Universal Sports Boston.

Grand Master Limier started with Grand Master Lee in February 1973 in Lowell, Mass. He started his own school, as an offshoot, in Pelham, N.H. in 1989, at its present location. In May 2004, he turned the school over to the Black belts, 3rd degree or higher, and it became a Non Profit Organization. He is currently instructing and is a 'Special Advisor' at United Tae Kwon Do Inc.  Contact Robert Lemire, Executive Producer of ‘Taekwondo TV Show’ with audience, press and ‘Taekwondo TV Show’ sponsorship inquiries.

MyTV New England Studios is the broadcast leader in branded entertainment. The TV channel is a major commercial broadcaster that reaches 2.5 million homes through all cable systems (Comcast, Metrocast, RCN etc), all satellites (Dish Network, Direct TV), Verizon FIOS and over-the-air broadcasting (rabbit ears).  Contact Christopher C. Murphy, Film and TV Development Executive at MyTV New England Studios with audience, press and TV advertising inquiries. 603-553-3203