Friday, February 18, 2011

New documentary on climate change issue in production: AT ANY COST from Joe Public Films, LLC in Portsmouth, NH

[Press release from Joe Public Films, LLC in Portsmouth.]

New Hampshire documentarian Tom Jackson is directing a new documentary called “At Any Cost: Big Oil, Big Coal, the Lies They Tell and How They Tell Them”. In this production, Joe Public Films focuses on the past few years, during which American public understanding and concern about climate change rose, and then more recently declined. Just when many thought that the issue of climate change was recognized as a problem by a majority of people, and when it appeared that a new leader was taking office in the US who was an advocate of change, the fossil fuel industry digs its heels in even deeper, and through government and media, fosters yet more public confusion, and a legislative quagmire. This new documentary answers the question “what happened” in depth.

A short preview is on At Any Cost’s website:

There’s also a fundraising site on Indiegogo which has the preview, a brief interview with Jackson about what inspired the new documentary, and a clip for the February 9, 2011 interview with Bill McKibben for the documentary:

New Hampshire filmmakers Peter Vandermark, Jonathon Millman, Tavia Lee-Goldstein, Jessica Leigh, and Maine artist/filmmaker Desiree Dow have all taken part in working with Jackson on production so far.

Interviews to date include former New York Times columnist Andrew Revkin, climate scientist Raymond Bradley, attorney Matt Pawa, Dennis Meadows (author of Limits to Growth), Bill McKibben (author of Eaarth), climate scientists Michael Oppenheimer, Michael Mann, and Gavin Schmidt, and environmental economist Eban Goodstein. There will be more interviews scheduled soon. Jackson reports that Phil Jones, the climate scientist at the center of the “Climategate” story of last year has agreed to an interview.

“All of the climate scientists we’re interviewing for this documentary have been attacked in the media by pundits and pseudo-scientists, and oily politicians, but have rarely been given the chance to publicly defend themselves,” said Jackson. “At Any Cost will finally provide an accurate counter to the rhetoric of people like Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), entertainer Rush Limbaugh, lobbyist Steve Milloy, and the list goes on and on.”

Out of Balance

In 2006 Jackson directed the documentary, "Out of Balance"
In the documentary, RK Pachauri, who is the Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, climate scientists Bob Watson, Michael Oppenheimer, Paul Mayewski, Cameron Wake, Brenda Ekwurzel, and writers Elizabeth Kolbert, Bill McKibben, and Ross Gelbspan, as well as many others discuss the issue of human induced climate change, and Exxon's history of giving money "think tanks" out of which operated climate change "skeptics".

The documentary has aired several times on LinkTV and other international networks. It has also appeared in over 40 film festivals worldwide, winning four awards, and has been screened hundreds of times by grassroots groups and by Jackson himself, who toured the country in 2007 in a vegetable-oil burning van. Sierra Club also featured Out of Balance in their North American multi-venue film festival, which ran in hundreds of venues during 2007 and 2008. Out of Balance is available widely on the Internet, including on NetFlix and iTunes.

Among the festivals that Out of Balance screened at was the 2007 New Hampshire Film Festival, at which Jackson was nominated for NH Filmmaker of the Year.

Jackson is available for interviews while At Any Cost is in production. He can be reached at Joe Public Films, LLC: 603.205.6398, or