Monday, March 28, 2011

CASTING NOTICE: Caldera Productions of Wolfeboro, NH

[From Steve Day of Caldera Productions in Wolfeboro, NH.]
Steve Day, president of Caldera Productions, and award winning writer/producer of ‘The Bride,’ ‘The Marriage Counselor’ and ‘Marriage For Beginners’ is casting for the role of JULE in his latest film, ‘Max Absorbency.’ JULIE is a woman in her early to mid twenties. Casting will be in April, rehearsals in May, filming in June in and around the Wolfeboro NH area. Firm dates and locations TBD. Compensation will be copy of the DVD, screening party and notice of festival entry. New England-based actresses only please.

Synopsis: Meet newlyweds Max and Julie. With new marriage comes new roles, including shopping duties. But why can’t Max ever find the right feminine hygiene products for Julie at the supermarket? She goes over it and over it with him, even writing explicit notes about what to buy. Yet every week he buys the wrong type, the wrong drop rating, the wrong brand. It’s enough to drive a normally same woman insane. Is Max insensitive or just plain dumb or both? Along the way is a checkout clerk who really enjoys his job way too much. And why does the mime in Aisle 9 want to help out? Steve Day’s latest script once again puts ordinary people into farcical situations. For a copy of the script please send resume (if you have one, okay if you do not) and current head shot to Steve Day at: