Monday, April 4, 2011

mAZe Productions and Willow Studios team up to produce filmmaking special

[From Christopher Murphy at NH-based Willow Studios.]


TV special spotlights upcoming & professional New England film and TV producers

mAZe Productions and Willow Studios announce the broadcast TV series ‘The Perils of Independent Filmmaking’ with a 1-HOUR PRIME TIME SPECIAL scheduled for Sunday, April 24th 10-11pm on MyTV New England.

The 1-Hour Prime Time Special will chronicle the lifecycle of New England-based independent films and broadcast TV shows by illustrating producing challenges and how producers overcome them. The TV special will include interviews and film footage from local upcoming and established filmmakers and TV producers.

Andreas D. Ziebart founded mAZe Productions with a goal of producing film and TV projects like ‘The Perils of Independent Filmmaking’. He approached Christopher about coming on-board an independent director and executive producer for his TV special.

Andreas said, “I recently worked on a feature film where I was unhappy with the direction it went after spending time and resources on it. I’m excited to be in control of this TV special and knowing that our efforts will be presented in Prime Time. This will be the first of many projects from mAZe Productions with other production company collaborators like Willow Studios.”

“We’re developing film and TV brands that local businesses want to sponsor. We have a TV advertising campaign beginning 2 weeks prior to the special that will provide branding exposure for local businesses, the TV special and even its creator. The TV ads will begin with “Andreas D Ziebart presents…” – this follows the tradition of Hollywood producers like Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg.

“I’ve been looking to dedicate my time to co-producing film and TV projects like this through my production company Willow Studios. This type of TV special is fun to produce and it’s a perfect segue for me into my other upcoming Willow Studios co-productions - another Prime Time TV Special ‘God of Vampires’ and my next branded entertainment-based indie feature film ‘The Framework: Unseen’,“ said Christopher.

mAZe Productions is a recently formed independent film and television production company based in New England. 603-845-3603 -

Willow Studios produces branded entertainment-based feature films, broadcast TV shows/TV specials and theatrical premieres. 603-642-3138 -