Monday, May 9, 2011

New Arts in Media grant opportunities at National Endowment for the Arts


Arts in Media category open to mobile technology, digital games, and other platforms

Guidelines are available for NEA’s Arts in Media grants on

The Arts in Media category replaces Arts on Radio and Television and expands the parameters of projects previously funded through that category.

Here are the highlights of the new guidelines:

All project types that were previously eligible remain eligible. In addition, the expanded category now supports:

· All available media platforms such as the Internet, interactive and mobile technologies, digital games, arts content delivered via satellite, as well as on radio and television.

· Dramatic narrative or fictional works.

· Media projects that can be considered works of art.

Grants are available to support the development, production, and national distribution of innovative media projects about the arts and media projects that can be considered works of art.

Projects may include high profile multi-part or single television and radio programs (documentaries and dramatic narratives); media created for theatrical release; performance programs; artistic segments for use within an existing series; multi-part webisodes; installations; and interactive games. Short films, five minutes and under, will be considered in packages of three or more.

Grants generally will range from $10,000 to $200,000, based on the platform and the complexity and scope of the project. The application deadline date is September 1, 2011.

Visit for more information. For program inquiries, contact Laura Welsh,, 202-682-5738.Link