Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Chair Pictures launches online journal of short screenplays

[From Dana Biscotti Myskowski:]

Green Chair Pictures launches Green Chair Reader,

the on-line journal of short screenplays

Submissions open till August 31, 2011

Green Chair Pictures is pleased to announce that the inaugural issue of Green Chair Reader, a web journal of short screenplays, is currently accepting submissions. If you are an accomplished author of short screenplays, the editors invite you to consider submitting your best script to the journal for consideration.

“This has been a dream of mine since I saw my first screenplay published in a literary journal,” says Editor Dana Biscotti Myskowski, principal behind Green Chair Pictures; her short script PLAYING HOUSE was published in the Fall 2006 Pitkin Review of Goddard College.

Managing Editor Patrick Witherell plans to investigate how the fledgling publication might take wing in the more-traditional paper format. “The paperback journal would compliment the website presence, and vice-versa,” says Witherell.

While submissions to Green Chair Reader are free to authors, restrictions are placed on who may submit. “We want a publication that features scripts of the highest caliber, by accomplished writers who have studied their craft. We hope other screenwriters will look to future issues of our journal to read examples of great screen story telling techniques,” says Witherell.

Biscotti Myskowski agrees, adding that she also hopes filmmakers will turn to Green Chair Reader when they need a great ten-minute or shorter script to shoot. Individual authors will retain all ownership to their material, and will negotiate directly with interested filmmakers. “But maybe we can help make the connections,” she says.

Scripts of ten pages or fewer are currently being accepted via the Green Chair Reader page of the Green Chair Pictures website. Authors are required to list at least one accomplished scriptwriting credential, such as having graduated from an accredited screenwriting program or having won a recognized script competition.

For complete rules, please visit and click on the Green Chair Reader page. Adobe acrobat formatted submissions will be accepted via an on-line form until August 31, 2011; deadlines for future issues will be posted on the site.

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Green Chair Reader
A Journal of Short Screenplays
Brought to You by Green Chair Pictures
Dana Biscotti Myskowski, Editor
Patrick Witherell, Managing Editor

Now accepting submissions - through Aug. 31, 2011