Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Hampshire filmmaker shooting short in Zürich, Switzerland

[From Kristen Vermilyea:]

WRITER’S BLOCK, a short film about one man’s struggle with the blank page will shoot in Zurich, Switzerland the end of June. Written and directed by New Hampshire native Kristen Vermilyea, WRITER’S BLOCK explores the notion that sometimes the very thing we avoid in life holds the key to that which we are searching.

WRITER’S BLOCK features New Hampshire native Chris Doubek in the leading role and New England College alumnus Mark Malloy as the film’s cinematographer. Both Doubek and Malloy will travel from the US to take part in the production.

"Kristen and I have been friends for over 20 years, since my days at NEC and we have always wanted to work together. This is the perfect opportunity - we’re working together to craft the look and feel of the film. And having to go to Zurich is never a bad thing ... it’s gorgeous," said Malloy.

Vermilyea, who grew up in on a farm in Pembroke, shot her first feature film there called STRAIGHT FORWARD, which won the Best NH Film at the SNOB Film Festival in 2006 and is available on Netflix.

"A few months back, Kristen and I reconnected. We had been roommates in college (UNH) and then had lost touch. She had just written the script and sent it to me. I really liked it and she asked if I wanted the part. It’s pretty amazing how it all has fallen into place," said Doubek.

Vermilyea, who is also currently a graduate student at Goddard College in Vermont, has had the idea for the script for a few years but not until recently did the story make it to the page. “I wrote this piece after talking with a friend about our shared love of old typewriters. The idea of the love of an object bringing strangers together got me thinking ... and writing," she said.

Being an Expat, Kristen often thinks and writes about connections. How do we connect with others when we come from such different places? While this is a universal challenge to everyone in a new place, the answers are also universal. People are people where ever you go and you never know who’ll hold the key to your fate.

WRITER’S BLOCK will also feature Zürich-based production crew. Vermilyea and Malloy hope to submit the film to festivals beginning in the Fall.

For more information, please contact Producer Sarah Thiele at sarah.thiele@hispeed.ch