Thursday, July 28, 2011

Indie thriller THE MUSE set to begin filming in New Hampshire August 20

[From Amy Greenlaw at Film Pop!]

GRANITE LAKE, MUNSONVILLE, NH - Rufus Chaffee and Squeaky Wheel Productions are pleased to announce that Principal Photography on their feature film THE MUSE is set to commence on August 20, 2011. A tight paranormal thriller set in New England, with a cast of up and coming talent and the look and feel of a multi-million dollar production, the story behind the making of the film is sure to be as attractive as the film itself.

In this hypnotic and disturbing film written and directed by Rufus Chaffee, produced with stars Isaac Simons and Mike Pfaff, the story is told of a one hit wonder musician battling writers block and a “strange” inspirational force at a secluded lake house. With the superb blending of music with haunting visual imagery captured by the revolutionary RED camera, the film is sure to affect audiences long past the final frame.

This film marks the sophomore effort from Chaffee who’s first feature film “DIVINE INTERVENTION” is currently available on Netflix. Veteran Director of Photography, Doug Gordon and Assistant Director Patrick Brooks join Chaffee. Original music will be composed by star Isaac Simons who boasts a cult-like following as an original singer/songwriter on Youtube with over a half million views. Simons will be acting along with other fellow actors Mike Pfaff (“Sons of Anarchy”, “The Casting Office”) and Marguerite Insolia (“Slickback”, “The Casting Office”). Upon completion of principal photography and post production, the film will be available for viewing at any of the international film festivals it will be accepted into as well as on DVD.

Squeaky Wheel Productions has tapped new media marketing expert Amy Greenlaw of Film Pop! ( to ensure fans remain part of the filmmaking process. Behind the scenes pictures and video are posted regularly on the films website ( which also links to the film’s Facebook page, Twitter account (@themusefilm) as well as a blog from Chaffee. Fans can keep up to date with regular postings of the progress by following the film on any of the social media outlets previously listed. A contest series is also planned where a lucky winner will have original music of any kind be used in the film and receive credit. If you want to be part of THE MUSE street team, contact Amy Greenlaw,