Thursday, January 5, 2012

Green Chair Reader, the Journal of Short Screenplays, launches!

Green Chair Pictures is pleased to introduce the inaugural issue of Green Chair Reader (GCR) on its own dedicated website: The premiere issue features an interview by Managing Editor Patrick Witherell of accomplished screenwriter, producer, playwright, and director Neil Landau, who launched his career with the teen comedy “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.”

Also featured are five screenwriters, including a filmmaker from the 2011 New Hampshire High School Short Film Festival, Gwen Wilson, who burst onto the scene with her short film “Etz Chayim: Tree of Life.” She wrote her short script that appears in the journal, “The Mind’s Eye,” with co-writer Codie Harrision. Wilson’s Golden Seed Productions team filmed the short last year, which is how GCR editors learned of the newest screenplay by the gifted writer/director.

Another featured New Hampshire scribe is Paul Rogalus, who teaches English at Plymouth State University. His keen writer’s observations led him to a unique take on pick-up techniques in the bar crawling scene with his short, “Trans.” His short screenplay, “Sid and Walt,” was developed in the classroom while studying with GCR Editor Dana Biscotti Myskowski at UNH-Manchester, and went on to win at the Wildsound Film Festival in Toronto and at the PictureStart Film Festival in New York City.

Duncan Putney, an award-winning writer who is the brains behind the multi-Emmy nominated 7DayPSA Competition, wrote “The Lesson” in between penning feature scripts. Putney, a Rhode Island writer and actor, likes the short form screenplay as a way to explore the visual details that are necessary to propel the story forward. He does that with his attention to even the most minute of details in his short featured in this issue.

Pulling from the feature length script, we’ve featured a scene written by the Grand Prize Winner of the 2011 New Hampshire Film Festival’s Screenplay Competition. Kevin O’Malley’s quirky screenplay “Bananafish Sandwich” features teens coming of age and learning about life and something like it. It’s fun and heartfelt, which is easy to see even in his one scene published in this issue.

The idea for Green Chair Reader sprang from the moment Biscotti Myskowski saw one of her short screenplays in print in the Goddard College journal Pitkin Review. Loving the screenplay as an artistic work in and of itself, she is enjoying bringing that to life on the virtual page. Biscotti Myskowski is pleased to also feature artwork by Featured Guest Artist Adam Karolian, who not only designed the GCR header, but who provided images throughout the publication.

GCR welcomes submissions of short screenplays, artwork, and or applications to be a Guest Editor at its website: