Monday, April 23, 2012

Louis de Rochemont bio-pic filming in Newington

Gary Anderson of Deerfield-based New Hampshire Movies, along with others, will be filming a scene for an upcoming film about iconic filmmaker from New Hampshire, Louis de Rochemont.

The scene, filming in Newington this weekend, is a recreation of the events of 1915 when 16-yr-old de Rochemont scooped all the professional newsreel companies by convincing a Maine sheriff to re-enact the "perp walk" with the first German saboteur of World War I.

DeRochmont was responsible for defining the American newsreel with "The March of Time," won two Oscars for his work, made the first two Cinerama features, and broke cinematic ground with the first feature films on race relations (LOST BOUNDARIES) and labor unrest (WHISTLE AT EATON FALLS).

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