Thursday, July 19, 2012

Deb Barry of Awareness UNlimited to produce new community media show "Open Here"

[The New Hampshire Film & Television Office is a big fan of community access media around the state, and we're always happy to promote activity from our local access stations and program producers. We recently received word from Deb Barry from Awareness UNlimited that she was in the process of producing a new show for Portsmouth Public Media which will be shared on both the TV channel and YouTube. Info on her program, and a link to a short preview, follows below:]

This is a television program currently in production at Awareness UNlimited.  It will begin airing soon at Portsmouth Public Media TV in Portsmouth, NH.  It will also be shared via YouTube so folks outside the Portsmouth area can view it as well.  I am currently serving as producer, director, and editor for the show....If anyone is interested in coming on board just let me know!


"Open Here" invites viewers to gain new, and often untold, perspectives about the world, far and near, that revolves around us. Through a nine episode rotation, the show introduces viewers to people involved with and topics included in the broad subjects of: Taking a Stand; World, National, and Local Affairs; Faith and Spirituality; Health and Wellness; Food; Sports and Recreational Activities; Animal World; Arts and Literature; and Producer's Choice. Each program offers a closer look at a particular topic from a variety of perspectives not often seen or heard through other media. Shows such as "Youth Activism," "Studying the Holocaust in 2012," "Animal Rescue," "Community," "Brain Injuries," and many others provide opportunities to open new avenues of discovery and understanding. "Open Here" is produced and hosted by Deb Barry of Awareness UNlimited, a not-for-profit organization facilitating awareness and diversity programming designed to help foster understanding and respect, opening minds and opening worlds. More information is available by emailing

View the trailer here.