Monday, July 16, 2012

New Hampshire Film Office provides plates to season premiere of "Breaking Bad"

If you caught the fifth season premiere of AMC's popular series "Breaking Bad" last night, you saw New Hampshire playing a cameo role. In the episode, titled "Live Free or Die," Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is seen leaving a diner and going to his vehicle--which has New Hampshire plates.

The plate features the number "327 3153." This is one of the license plate numbers registered with the New Hampshire Film & Television Office for film and television projects.

"The Film Office was contacted by the producers of the show back in March, and they were asking about using a plate for an upcoming episode," said Matthew Newton, director of the New Hampshire Film & Television Office. "We worked with the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles to acquire prop plates for productions and we were assigned four sets which we keep at the ready."

While the Film Office was ready to ship plates out to the production team, the props department chose to recreate the plate rather than shipping them back and forth. Newton supplied the production with all four plate numbers and an digital image of the plate.

"It's always fun to see the work the Film Office does in movies and TV shows when they come out, " said Newton. "But, we had no idea this would be for the season premiere. It was a surprise and a treat to see it last night."

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