Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Filmmakers wanted for 24-hour film contest in Nashua

[Thomas Kirtley of Nashua is looking for filmmakers who might be interested in getting involved in a 24-hour film contest that's in the same vein as a cooking reality show. We've posted his notice below:]

Ok guys, and gals, here's what we're looking for. . .we're basically putting together a mock episode of a reality series we're going to be shooting. We're aiming to get funding for it, so we're shooting one episode of the series to show investors.

This particular episode involves a 24 hour film festival, so we're looking for up to 8 groups, no more than 4 people per team.

You will be provided with a list of props to choose from and approximately 3-4 required lines. The rest is up to you, the genre, settings, characters, etc.

The submissions can be no longer than 5 minutes, and no less than 4.

Upon completion, we will judge the submissions, and choose 3 winning groups to participate in the actual show itself. The other remaining groups will qualify for a redemption show in the near future should the show gain the funding required.

We are also looking for 4 - 5 freelance camera operators, with their own camera, to help shoot this thing reality style. Unfortunately this is to gain funding, so we are unable to pay you at this time. We're doing this for free as well, in hopes to get funding so we can pay everyone in the future for the actual show itself. In which case, we will still need 4 - 5 camera operators, and we will pay them for the their time.

Finally, we are looking for experienced filmmakers, that would like to be judges of this first competition.

There's no entry fee, as this is mainly just to have fun, and shoot some footage for the reality show to get it officially funded an off the ground. So thanks, best of luck, and I look forward to hearing from you all. When we have everything in order we will announce the official shooting date for this episode. E-mails will be sent out asap, as of now we're looking to shoot sometime in September.

For more information, contact Thomas Kirtley at